Losing Your Marbles (A Tribute To Marble Madness) from Interwebz

August 14, 2018Interwebz, Music

Interwebz Losing Your Marbles (A Tribute To Marble Madness) Losing Your Marbles by Interwebz is a tribute to Marble Madness, Atari’s arcade game released in 1984. Listen Here: https://interwebz.com/interwebz-losing-your-marbles-a-trib…/ The original music by Brad Fuller and Hal Canon gave the game a unique and memorable sound, and it was Atari’s first game to use a Yamaha … Read More

Castaways (feat. Tiger Darrow) by Interwebz

July 31, 2018Interwebz, Music

Interwebz Castaways (feat. Tiger Darrow) Stagnant relationships and the realization of getting older can plunge us into feelings of isolation and regret, but we’re not just castaways. Castaways (feat. Tiger Darrow) is the debut release from Interwebz. The song features the haunting and emotional vocals of Tiger Darrow. Quick note about the song from Will Loconto: “I wrote … Read More